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Deadpool: Pulp 4. Deadpool went to Cuba looking for answers, and he found them. Just not the ones he was looking for. Now he's trapped and powerless to stop World War Three. That is unless he can turn his greatest weakness to his advantage. Is Wade Wilson sane enough Deadpool: Suicide Kings 1.

Deadpool: Suicide Kings. Everyone wants a piece of him -- and for a crime he didn't commit! That's right: Someone's framed Deadpool, and it just might be the same guy who hired Deadpool: Suicide Kings 2. Someone's framed Deadpool, and it just might be the same guy who hired him in the first place, a guy who just might be using the mouthy merc as a wild Deadpool: Suicide Kings 3.

No, really! This time, Wade didn't do it -- and he's determined to prove his innocence and find the person responsible. But first, he's got to stay alive or out of jail.

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And with the Punisher Deadpool: Suicide Kings 4. This time, Wade didn't do it! To prove his innocence and find the person responsible, he's got to avoid the Punisher wants to kill him and Spider-Man wants to web him. Deadpool: Suicide Kings 5. Deadpool is finally proven innocent, and everyone knows it. But now it's personal for the Merc with a Mouth. Having been battered, stabbed, and broken, Deadpool is jonesing for payback. And the only thing that can scratch that itch is bringing down Tombstone Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War 1.

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Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War Want answers about Deadpool? Like why does he refuse to remove his weird red-and-black mask? Why does he only answer to the Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War 2. The true origin from Deadpool's very talkative and crazy mouth continues to spill out, shedding new and bizarre turns. Did the clandestine military experiment that aimed to turn ordinary soldiers into super heroes do more than just that? Was Wilson a Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War 3. The U. Senate wants to know, and forces Wilson to talk about what really went down in Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War 4.

That wasn't 'they. Anyway, Wade Wilson -- a. Deadpool -- seems to have the Fear Itself: Deadpool 1. Fear Itself: Deadpool. Has Deadpool really been chosen as one of the worthy, granted one of The Serpent's Hammers? Or did he just take any old hammer and go Fear Itself: Deadpool 2. Frightened people will pay through the nose for some security -- but why should he risk his neck fighting The Worthy when he can create his Fear Itself: Deadpool 3. Fear Itself Tie-In - Memo to Deadpool: next time you gussy up a loser villain so you can beat him easily and scam people out of their hard earned money, make sure you don't accidentally actually make him more powerful than you.

Of course, that assumes The Incredible Hulks Annual 1.

The Incredible Hulk Vol. Also includes Peter Parker: Spider-Man Spider-Man: Blue Modern-day voiceover. Released here, but unsure of placement or if it is in continuity : Startling Stories: Megalomaniacal Spider-Man — 1 collected later in Strange Tales Need to check placement: Kingpin Spider-Man appears throughout. Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. Marvel Knights Spider-Man Vol. Need to check placement of both. House of M: Spider-Man appears in this story, as well as in a connected five-issue limited series.

It does not directly impact his continuity, but he remembers the events. Available in hardcover. The Sensational Spider-Man Vol. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Vol.

Spider-Man: Reign This story is a future tale not in continuity. Available in TPB and hardcover. Available in hardc0ver. May not be in continuity. As you can imagine, most fans disliked that change. However, the second one was much better received: multiple titles were condensed down just to Amazing , which accelerated to a bi-weekly production schedule with a rotating cast of writers. I need to recheck where this is collected. Also includes back-up stories and Web of Spider-Man Shadowland: Spider-Man appears in this Daredevil-centric event and has his own one-shot.

See Marvel Universe Events: Shadowland. Available in hardcover and TPB. This run of Amazing is in the process of being recollected in Ultimate Collections, which are effectively double-length TPBs. Vampires 1; and material from Amazing Spider-Man As originally collected, including other Spider-Man series from this time period. Spectacular Spider-Man : One-shot team-up with Punisher. Not collected. Later reprinted in Deadpool Classic Vol. Also available as an oversized hardcover.

Title is referred to as AvSM. AvSM Vol.

Avengers Vs Deadpool & Spider-Man "Secret Empire Begins" - ANAD Complete Story - Comicstorian

Also available in hardcover. Also includes Daredevil Daredevil is a great match in tone to Spider-Man, but if you prefer you can also pick up this story in The Punisher by Greg Rucka, Vol. Available in oversized hardcover. Peter Parker: Spider-Man Avengers vs. Though he did not appear significantly in tie-ins to this event, Spider-Man plays a key roll in the middle portion of the mini-series issues See Marvel Universe Events: Avengers vs.

Collected alongside Morbius Marvel continues to publish Peter Parker Spider-Man stories that occurred sometime in this period.

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Spider-Man continues its twice-monthly pace under the regular direction of Dan Slott. AvSM Includes Scarlet Spider Avengers Vol. Spider-Man plays a consistent supporting role throughout this collection. Infinity: Spider-Man appears in some Infinity tie-ins. See Marvel Universe Events: Infinity. Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. Oversized Hardcover Collects an Infinite Comic of the same title. Confirmed by Tom Brevoort to occur after the switch back to Peter Parker in rather than prior to Superior.

Reprinted as a paperback in Spider-Woman spins off to her own title here — see Spider-Woman. Spider-Verse: The main collections of Spider-Verse are listed below. Available in oversize hardcover. Both Silk and Spider-Gwen spin off to their own titles here. See Marvel Universe events for more information. In the wake of Secret Wars, Peter Parker is in control of his life and more successful than ever. ASM Worldwide, Vol. ASM 1. MU: Vol. ASM Worldwide Vol.

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Spider-Men II Spidey Vol. Also, see Wolverine. This is solicited to also include Superior Octopus 1. Back to Crushing Comics. Very interresting list.