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He came back wounded asking the Priest for help. Amber, a novice nun, was assigned to help him recover from his wounds. Now Fate steps in and starts playing her "games".

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They are both given a pilgrimage to go to Canterbury Cathedral. Lucifer is given two tasks, one is to steal a ruby and two, he is to make sure Amber doesn't become a nun. If you want to find out how and when Fate starts playing her games, well you'll just have to read the book.

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I'm really enjoying this series. How horrible for someone to name their child Lucifer. A hardened warrior gets taken down by a novice and a mother finds her long abandoned son. She's a good writer but gives away the plot too soon. The sexual content was clean. Look forward to reading next book. You will find this series of books about the sisters named for jewels and how daggers play important roles in tying the adventures of all these sisters and their brother together extremely fascinating and riveting at the same time!

I loved the way the author surprised the reader so many times with the various twists nd turns in her themes and plots within plots that kept the reader always in suspense of what was to emerge or vanish with the turn of a page.

How she developed the character and personality by using the meaning of each jewel. For example, Amber, the jewel, was believed by many people in ancient times to have powers of healing and hope for the future. The author develops her characters along these similar lines with the character named Amber having knowledge and interests in the herbs used for healing and the arts of healing that were known during that time period. By the completion of each book the reader is so riveted into the storyline you can't wait to continue the adventure with the next book!

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I love historical and romantic fiction - and when combined it's usually an enjoyable read. What I hate is when the dialogue of characters in a historical romance doesn't match the time period of the novel. Unfortunately, such is the case with Amber by Elizabeth Rose. That said, I did persevere to the expected fairy tale ending. The plot was not bad, although some of it would never have been allowed in that century. The writing was okay, but because of the late 20th century dialogue spoken by 14th century characters, I immediately assumed a lack of knowledge of the time period a few ayes and nays doesn't cut it.

I did like that the language was clean and the sexual content was kept to a minimum, not counting the sexual innuendos. All in all, if use of contemporary language in a 14th century setting is not a big deal for you, then you might just like this book. Lucifer returns to the monastery where he was abandoned as a baby.

Father Armand had sent him on a pilgrimage to punish him. Since he has been out in the world Lucifer has discovered that the priest is not the godly man he pretends to be. Amber de Burgh of Blackpool is one of four sisters.

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She decided to become a nun to pay penance for the grave sins committed by her sisters and mother. Our hero has suffered and is still struggling to find out who he can be. Our heroine is sweet , loving and honest with herself and others. This is the third of the Daughters of the Dagger series, but easily read as a stand alone.

But, in a stunning twist, Nora refused to do this. She realized that the Negative Speed Force would change her completely, making her more like Thawne, and so she literally chose to be erased from all time rather than fall under the influence of the Negative Speed Force.

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The emotional scenes that followed, as Nora gave her parents one last hug even as she vanished in a flare of temporal energy, was one of the most effective moments of the entire season. The Flash 's future looks darker than ever before, as Barry and Iris mourn the loss of the daughter they'd come to love.

What's more, before Eobard Thawne escaped he spoke ominously of seeing the Flash again soon - during their next Crisis. In "Legacy," Nora finally learned that she'd been foolish to trust Eobard Thawne , and that he'd simply been manipulating in order to ensure Cicada's dagger was destroyed in the past. That moment of weakness clearly shook her to the core, so much so that she recognized the influence the Negative Speed Force was still having on her. Instead, Nora chose to remain a hero to the end, giving her parents one last embrace before she faded away in their arms. The timeline has changed definitively, and the Nora Barry and Iris knew is gone for good.

But that doesn't necessarily mean the character will never return; the Arrowverse 's timeline has always been particularly malleable, and in the comics, the Crisis on Infinite Earths led to chaos across the Multiverse. It wouldn't be too much of a surprise to see some version of Nora brought back into being at some stage. In one chilling scene, Gideon activated herself to report an incoming time wave. The AI summoned an image of the newspaper from the future talking about the Flash's disappearance, and the dates began to change, with Crisis on Infinite Earths moving back from to That neatly explains why Nora doesn't exist in the new timeline; because Barry is destined to disappear long before she'll ever be conceived.

But why has the destruction of Cicada's dagger moved the Crisis forward like this? The most likely reason is that, in the original timeline, the dagger was used to inhibit someone else's powers before it was strapped to Thawne's chest. Without the dagger, this unknown Meta will be able to initiate the Crisis several years earlier. The Flash 's season 5 finale includes a touching scene in which Barry and Iris reflect upon Nora's sacrifice, and Barry recognizes her as his legacy.

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