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Schiele, H. Journal of Business Research, 64 10 , pp. Steinle, C. Bestimmung von Kapitalkosten in diversifizierten Unternehmungen.

Die Unternehmung, 57 5 , pp. Wichmann, T.

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Krummaker, S. Manegold, D. Book Chapters Bruch, H. Leadership — Best Practices und Trends Introduction. Leadership —Trends in Praxis und Forschung. Eggers, F.

Guide Leadership - Best Practices und Trends (German Edition)

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The largest negative impacts are caused by unsustainable demand for agricultural, forest, and fishery products. The report outlines six transformations that together can achieve all 17 SDGs and applies them to the European Union. It offers practical recommendations for how the EU and its member states can achieve the SDGs with a focus on three broad areas : internal priorities , diplomacy and development cooperation , and tackling negative international spillovers. The new Commission should therefore focus on aligning existing instruments and mechanisms including budget, investment strategies, regulatory governance, monitoring frameworks with the SDGs.

The EU urgently needs a science-based Green Deal that addresses climate change, pollution, biodiversity and overconsumption. By creating a new , inclusive low-carbon circular industry and agriculture, Europe can show the world that it is possible to preserve economic prosperity, while at the same time reducing inequalities and protecting the natural resources that we all depend on for our health and nutrition. The new Commission has announced bold action on the SDGs.

The European Green Deal, a European Semester aligned with the SDGs, and bold diplomacy with effective development cooperation will be the lynchpins of such a strategy.

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In his keynote speech, Prof. According to Sachs, the mission of sustainable development is to change the direction of the world economy by placing it on a sustainable path, which will make the world a safer place to live in, while ensuring that no one is left behind. Under threat of the current climate crisis, countries must work together in an unprecedented way to achieve peace, which is the factor that will make sustainability attainable.

He also stressed the importance of international cooperation in the development of technological pathways, budget strategy and the financing required in order to achieve the SDGs while emphasizing that the concept of economic progress should be inclusive, fair and environmentally sustainable, following the six SDG transformations launched by SDSN earlier this year:.

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By Martin K. This week, representatives from eight very diverse countries Bangladesh, Columbia, Ghana, Mongolia, Nepal, Paraguay, Rwanda, and Senegal convened in Kigali, Rwanda to discuss priority data needs; specifically, the kinds of timely even real-time data they need to effectively track sustainable development.

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